2-6 March 2015, Les Houches (France)

General information

The aim of this meeting is to synthesize recent progress and address outstanding fundamental issues in planetary flows, notably Earth’s atmosphere and oceans.  The meeting will highlight the general principles that underlie these flows and will favor multidisciplinary interactions between different scientific approaches (observations, modelling and theory). For this purpose, the first goal will be to cover fundamental aspects of dynamical processes (large scale organization, convection, turbulence) in relation with observations and modelling. The second goal will be to emphasize promising theoretical approaches (geophysical fluid dynamics and turbulence, wave-flow interaction, statistical mechanics, dynamical system theory, large deviation theory, etc...). 

The meeting's program will be divided in five topics

  1. Large-scale atmospheric dynamics
  2. Ocean circulation
  3. Convection and clouds
  4. Geophysical turbulence
  5. Dynamical system approaches, statistical mechanics and large deviations.

The number of participants, including people not presenting, is limited to 70. In addition to one oral presentation session, there will be poster sessions. The deadline to apply is November 30, 2014.  More information about the application process can be found here

Pedagological aspects

This meeting is a CNRS thematic school and is partially funded by « formation permanente du CNRS ».

Besides taking stock of the most advanced research results, a part of this meeting will be dedicated to more didactic purposes, in the tradition of Les Houches sessions and of CNRS thematic schools. Survey lectures are planned with the aim of providing a broad perspective on geophysical flows and climate. 

Advisory commitee


Peter Haynes (University of Cambridge), Bernard Legras (LMD, CNRS), William Young (Scripps Institute of Oceanography, San Diego)


Farid Ait Chaalal (ETH Zurich), Freddy Bouchet (ENS Lyon, CNRS),  James Cho (QMUL), Daniel Schertzer (Ponts)


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